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We are offering a wide range of Hitachi brand AC's and related after sales services to the customer. Hitachi is a renowned Japanese firm, which is headed under its corporate statement "Inspire the Next". Hitachi has been dealing in a wide variety of home appliances and other electronic products since 1910. It is counted among the third largest company around the globe as per its revenue in 2009. We offer following Hitachi AC's under this category:

ACE Cutout

Hitachi's ACE Cutout AC uses a revolutionary technology, which has a specific coil design for further helping in decreasing its size by over 30%. This technology also allows providing 30% higher surface area to the heat exchanger with in a compact size, which results in better cooling. Atom split is the smallest AC under this category, which weight only 9 kg and has a size, which is 30% smaller in comparison with any other split AC. It's a punch in a smaller packet due to revolutionary lambda technology, which helps in reducing the size while maximizing cooling.

Hitachi ACE CUTOUT has not only stunning physical attributes but also is at the cutting-edge of innovation and technology, reflecting the quality and reliability that Hitachi is renowned for.

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We also have in our store hitachi ac named i-tec for the customer. Just like its other companions of this series, it is also aesthetically beautiful and has a compact & elegant design. Use of technologically advanced handset and step-less dc fan motor make it superior than other competitors.

i-tec, the dc inverter air conditioner (cooling type), an air conditioner which is made in india and made for india. It combines 8 direct efficient technologies that are packed into its compact and stylish indoor unit, ensuring energy saving and ultimate comfort. Add to that hhli's 41 reliability tests and stringent japanese tochigi standards makes sure that you get a world class product and peace of mind.


Hitachi star air-conditioner has not only stunning physical attributes but is also at the cutting-edge of innovation and technology, reflecting the quality and reliability that hitachi is renowned for. It has the highest cooling capacity in its category and has one of the highest energy efficiency in the industry. Which means you not only get the best cooling, but also enjoy saving on your electricity bills. What's more, it's also one of the quietest air-conditioners around. A true star in every way.

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Atom Square

Atom2 is a unique split air-conditioner which has 2 indoor units with a single outdoor unit. Atom2 has a special programmable logic controller which operates the ac's refrigerant cycle in an intelligent manner. It detects whether one indoor unit {idu} is working or both are working. According to that logic, it diverts the refrigerant flow to the desired idu or both idus {when functioning simultaneously}. Thus, this technology gives you the flexibilty of installing two indoor units of atom2 wherever required. For example, one in the bedroom and the other in the kitchen.

Split Air Conditioners (Kaze)

Your dream of owning the best cooling solution will no longer be a dream. Presenting the kaze range of air conditioners from hitachi. Designed with a touch of curiosity, these energy efficient machines are the cooling solutions you had been searching for. They give you perfect cooling at any time of the day, so much so, they even keep you cool at temperatures of up to 52'c.

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ACE Follow Me

Our range of ACE Follow Me Air-Conditioner is designed using cutting-edge technology and looks highly attractive, which reflects its reliability and quality. It is one of the most energy efficient AC's under this category and has a high cooling capacity. Star split also provides a super silent cooling solution to the customer, making it a true star in every sense.

Follow Me is a unique feature developed by Hitachi, which is activated at the press of a remote button. High sensitive sensors of the new ACE Follow Me air-conditioner detects even the smallest of the human body movements (1 ft. magnitude) in the three sensing zones and directs the airflow towards the direction where the movement takes place.


Our range of hitachi i-clean ac is the next generation air-conditioning solution. It provides a perfect mix of air-flow and temperature for providing utmost comfort to the consumer. Ace split uses an automatic filter cleaning solution with stainless steel interior and in-built cleaning mechanism. It is known for providing a more powerful and energy saving performance, and has an elegant and simple design.

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Atom XL

Presenting a small cooling solution for large spaces. Atom XL is a small AC that packs enough cooling power to chill a grand hall, a huge conference room or even your living room.


A revolutionary technology that allows for a special coil design which further helps decrease the size of the ac by over 30%. It even allows 30% higher surface area of the heat exchanger in a very compact size, resulting in increased efficiency for high cooling.

  • Computer aided air flow path to obtain higher air flow with low sound level.
  • Dc fan motor for lower power consumption
  • One of the highest energy efficiency ratios (eer) in the split ac category
  • Flat suction grill that makes atom look good and keeps its image and effect refreshing for a long time
  • 7 way refrigerant distribution for faster cooling.

Atom is the smallest split ac in its category. At a weight of just 9 kgs and size that is 30% smaller than any other split ac, its yet packs quite a punch - thanks to the revolutionary lambda technology that reduces size and maximizes cooling. Add to the unique aesthetics of atom and you have the highest, most easily installable split ac that blends unobtrusively with any interior decor.

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Summer QC

Witness elegance meeting efficiency, in other words meet the Summer QC. Introducing an air conditioner with an aerodynamic design and a classy matt finish. This AC is one stylish beauty you would simply love to own. That's not all, with a 5 star rating, it also scores the highest on energy efficiency.

Quadricool TM

The Quadricool TM comes equipped with a revolutionary twin motor technology that combines concept of Window and Split AC and makes it a silent air conditioner. And with its twin flow design and twin turbo fans, it offers uniform and faster cooling at lesser power consumption.

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